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About Blue Spoons Content

Blue Spoons Content provides tasty message and communications management services to corporate, non-profit and agency clients.


In addition to my clients, colleagues and on-line teachers, Blue Spoons Content credits these technology providers:

  • Ghost.org for opening up a world of possibility in blogging, responsive design and simpler technologies.
  • Ghost Pro hosting is economical, and the Ghost staff automatically update websites and blogs with all their latest innovations and software updates.
  • Theme Woodmen designed the Pluto Ghost theme for this website.
  • Fastmail provides email service.
  • MailChimp provides email distribution for my RSS feed each week. Subscribe at the bottom of any page.

  • Shutterstock provides some photography.

About Mike Mahoney

Blue Spoons Content's Mike Mahoney has worked for corporate, non-profit and government agency clients and publications, integrating print, face-to-face and electronic content platforms.

Currently consulting with Paul Werth Associates in Columbus, Mike has managed communications work at the Ohio Education Association and American Electric Power.

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